NHSS 12AB sector scheme document 2024: the cheat sheet

July 8, 2024

NHSS 12AB sector scheme document: if you know anything about this, you’ll know: 

  1. The 2024 updates are here 
  2. The document is really, really long

That’s where Visibly comes in. Check out our cheat sheet below - we’ve got every change, what it means, why you should care and what you should do in one handy table. 

No need to read it yourself - you’re welcome. 

Without further ado:

Where the change is What the change is What you should do
Introduction to the document - Point 9. This change highlights where you can find the latest document - you’ll want to make sure you’re using the most up-to-date one. Update your legal register.
3 Terms and Definitions. There’s a new definition for a GatePerson/Airlock Installer. Put the definition in your method statement.
3 Terms and Definitions. There’s a new definition for a Mobile Lane Closure (MLC) Block Vehicle Put the definition in your method statement.
3 Terms and Definitions. There’s a new definition for Mobile Lane Closure (MLC) Traffic Management. Put the definition in your method statement.
3 Terms and Definitions. There’s a new definition for a Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) Certificate. Keep an eye on this if you’re taking on a new employee.
7.1.2 People This new update states that to be compliant, a business must maintain a minimum number of appropriately trained staff. Keep an up-to-date list of appropriately trained staff handy.
7.1.2 People You are now responsible for making sure any Static Temporary Traffic Management (04/24) personnel sourced from a labour only supply agency is appropriately qualified for the work activities they are undertaking. Request the operative’s qualifications to make sure they’re compliant before they attend site.

Tip: need help with checking compliance? Get in touch with Visibly.
7.1.2 People If an operative has the required skills card (NHSS-12D) at M2 or above they are allowed to work on the NHSS 12AB site.

From an operational point of view you use more members of staff as trainees without putting them through the NHSS 12AB general operative training course.
If possible, allocate the operatives with a 12D M2 or above the 12AB trainee status on the matrix.

Tip: need help with allocating status on the matrix? Get in touch with Visibly.
7.1.2 People There are changes to the qualifications a Traffic Management Foreman needs. This will affect their training programme as a TMO is not able to sit the foreman's course before carrying out the LTMO course. Update any existing training programmes that you have in place.

Tip: need help with updating existing training programmes? Get in touch with Visibly.
7.2 Smart Skills Registration Cards (e-Cards) For competency expiry dates the end user will be required to scan a smart card (e-card) at either CSCS or Lantra..

Transitioning to electronic cards ensures compliance with industry standards, aligning with regulations for credentialing and identification.
Inform all employees on the available platforms that they are able to carry out these checks.
8.4.1 General There are some updates to how delivery documentation should be inspected. This makes sure that the products you receive meet your quality standards and specifications. Make sure relevant checks are carried out and only use approved suppliers.
10.3 Continual Improvement Continual improvement processes shall include analysis of near miss reporting. This enhances safety and service reliability by proactively identifying hazards, reducing accidents and improving safety standards. Familiarise yourself with the new near miss reporting process (which you can find in the National Highways’ GG128 guidance). Make sure your staff are trained on how to identify and report near misses effectively. Review any incidents or near misses that have occurred since the new reporting processes were implemented. Take appropriate action to address any identified hazards or safety concerns.
Appendix P There’s a new Truck Mounted Attenuator Test which verifies that IPVs are safe to use, then certifies them accordingly.

These standards improve safety, ensure compliance with regulations, optimise vehicle performance, mitigate risks, and hold suppliers accountable
Update internal procedures to align the new standards. Conduct regular audits for ongoing compliance. Train staff on new requirements Update your legal register

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Need any help with any of the above? We’re happy to chat the changes through with you - or, our technology will handle everything for you 😉Find out more about how Visibly simplifies training.

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