Visibly raises $7.5M to turn infrastructure training on its head

June 12, 2024

Think of an infrastructure worker excavating a hole.

Sounds simple - but if they hit a high-pressure pipeline, the consequences could be fatal. 

We all know it’s a dangerous task. So, how is it taught? In a classroom, with a 20-question written assessment at the end of the course.  

When you stop and think, this is pretty ridiculous, right? 

Situations like this are why Visibly exists - and why we’ve raised $7.5M from Creandum, Seedcamp, Brighteye Ventures, Triplepoint and more. There’s a lack of training that actually works in the infrastructure sector, and the impact can’t be overstated: 

  • A worsening staffing crisis, where there aren’t enough qualified young people entering the industry 
  • Employees working in situations dangerous to them and the communities around them 
  • Green energy targets that can’t be met 
  • National infrastructure projects being put on hold 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Interpret regulations in a new way, and you open opportunities for training that meets blue- and green-collar workers where they’re at. Training that works in and out of the classroom, and becomes less of a headache for employees and the businesses that rely on them. 

We’ve raised the funds to work towards our vision, and we can’t wait to get started. 

So, what’s next? 

We’re hiring key roles. We’re starting with a Head of Operations, a Senior React Engineer, and a Founders Associate. Sound like you? More information here - and more roles coming soon.  

We’re developing our product. That’s on-demand training that translates to the real world, with peer-to-peer feedback and expert-led coaching included as standard. And a fully managed service for those that organise it - say goodbye to sh*t spreadsheets. 

We’re offering more regulated certifications. That means we can service more customers, and make an impact on more industries. 

It’s going to be a busy few months. Watch this space. 

Take a look at open positions at Visibly, or find out more about how we help businesses like yours today.

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