September 27, 2023

Qualifications Needed to Work on UK Roads

The New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) sets the standards for anyone involved in roadworks

Working on UK roads requires specific qualifications to ensure safety and competency. The New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) sets the standards for anyone involved in roadworks. Here are some essential qualifications:

  1. NRSWA Operative: This qualification is crucial for those directly involved in excavation, backfilling, and reinstatement of trenches on public roads. It covers various units, including signing, lighting, guarding, and excavation.
  2. NRSWA Supervisor: Supervisors oversee roadworks and ensure compliance with NRSWA regulations. They need a Supervisor qualification that encompasses monitoring, reporting, and managing work on the highways.
  3. NRSWA Streetworks for Operatives and Supervisors: These certifications validate your knowledge of NRSWA and are often prerequisites for specific job roles. They emphasize safety, excavation, and reinstatement processes.
  4. Utility-Specific Training: Utility companies often require additional qualifications. For example, Gas Safe Register registration is essential for those working on gas pipes, while electricity workers may need Electrical Safety qualifications.
  5. Traffic Management: Roles involving traffic management, such as traffic controllers and road closure managers, may require qualifications like the City & Guilds 6156-01.

Before commencing roadworks, always check with your employer or local authority to ensure you hold the necessary qualifications for your specific job role. Proper training and qualifications are vital for the safety of road users and workers alike.

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